Replacing peanut butter with butter

Hi I would like to replace peanut butter with butter, not sure how to do it
I can eat any nut or peanut butter
Thank you for help

  • Posted by: 2211
  • November 13, 2022


Nancy November 14, 2022
Your question doesn't say what the replacement strategy is for - baking, cooking or serving spread on toast.
For spreading on toast, use any nut butter or (dairy) butter you like.
For baking or cooking, however, I would avoid butter. It is about 80% fat, 18-19% water and 1-2% milk solids (averages as sold in USA supermarkets). Peanut butter, on the other hand, is slightly lower in fat (72%) but also has carbs, fiber and protein.
For baking and cooking, I would use another nut butter - one of the many ready made and on sale, or something you can puree at home from scratch.
bkpffngscht December 4, 2022
Nancy, nobody asked your opinion on using butter in a recipe. They asked how to sub butter for nut butter. If you're not going to properly read the prompt and actually answer the question, then you shouldn't respond.
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