hot, mashed, boiled for 5 or so mins. Trying to remove seeds with cotton straining sys. Not really working. HELP



S August 3, 2015
For straining cooked fruit, I find that an ordinary metal mesh strainer usually works the best.
SKK August 2, 2015
If the question is about raspberries and their seeds, straining is not necessary. Just enjoy them.
SKK August 2, 2015
They can, make jam and freeze beautifully. Seeds can be a good thing!
Susan W. August 2, 2015
Here's her post on Twitter. Don't know why it came across the way it did.
"Put raspberries in pot, cooked to boil while mashing. Trying to remove seeds w/cloth strainer, not cheese cloth. HELP"
SKK August 2, 2015
What is the product that wants to be strained and seeds removed?
Greenstuff August 2, 2015
Make sure they can NOT escape.
Greenstuff August 2, 2015
Berries? Too tightly woven cotton? Make sure they can escape, and massage or twist to exude the juices. Or give up on the cotton, and use a mesh strainer. Or, either totally or partially, give up on its being seedless. Good luck!
702551 August 2, 2015
What are you cooking? What is a cotton straining sys? A Google search on "cotton straining sys" gives no useful results.

You will need to elaborate for people here to respond.
PieceOfLayerCake August 2, 2015
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