Boiled peanuts?

I ran across a recipe for hot spiced boiled peanuts that looks intriquing. I have never heard of such a thing (grew up in the NW). What I am not clear about is how they are served - immediately after boiling? Wet, dry, shelled, etc...



nogaga March 7, 2011
Thank you!
Sam1148 March 6, 2011
Ideally, you need "green peanuts" in the shell. They are the young ones that haven't matured yet the hard shell older peanut won't work as well.
Boil in salted water. Let soak in the water to cool.
Serve in the shell.

They are quite similar to endamame (cooked in the shell in salted water). You eat them the same way by squeezing out the nut from the shell into your mouth.
Summer O. March 6, 2011
They are served as a snack in the shell, just like roasted peanuts. Typically road food although they show up at parties or as a bar snack. They are served warm or at room temperature. Boiled peanuts, like chili, are usually made in a giant batch. My cousin does this and freezes batches in quart sized bags so he's always armed with a tasty snack for unexpected company. I make mine with Old Bay in addition to the salt but I recently had some at a party made with star anise and they were more addictive than usual.
LiveToEat1960 March 6, 2011
Thanks everyone!
nogaga: here's the link from Southern Living Mag:
If you make them soon, I'd love to know what you think. I will save the recipe for company because it sounds as if there is a possibility of not being able to stop eating them once started...
nogaga March 6, 2011
Hi Livetoeat1960, could you post the recipe you're thinking of making? It sounds intriguing!
cookbookchick March 6, 2011
Weird that you should ask about these today -- just yesterday for the first time ever, we noticed CANNED boiled peanuts in the canned veggie section of our large-chain supermarket. The label says they are in the shell -- yes, in the shell, in the can! We're in Maryland, btw.
Blissful B. March 6, 2011
I live in the south & they sell them at roadside stands here. Always hot & always in the shell.
Panfusine March 6, 2011
I usually bil the peanuts in their shells with a generous amount of Salt. Part of the experience is peeling them & popping it down the hatch. although peeling it makes it easier to eat it faster, Its just not the same.
Alternatively, you could stir fry the boiled peeled peanuts in a manner similar to this recipe (!/note.php?note_id=160876787273725), just substiture the boiled peas with the peanuts, the mango & coconut are kinda optional, but add that extra kick!
cooks4fun March 6, 2011
I think it's really a matter of preference. I've always had them somewhere between warm and room temperature and still wet and in the shell. If you're serving these to guests and want to save them the hassle, go ahead a peel them.
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