I need to convert this recipe into 5 gallons! Help...https://food52.com/recipes/23605-buffalo-style-quinoa-chili

  • Posted by: Boo
  • October 8, 2015


Nancy October 10, 2015
Oops! My suggestion yesterday to multiply ingredients for 1x yield in quarts by 20 (qts in 5 gal) ONLY works if 1x total EQUALS 1 qt.
BETTER FORMULA: no matter yield of 1 recipe, take its # in quarts and use it to divide into 20 for your multiplying factor.
Larger example: if 1x yield is 2 qt, then 20/2 = 10 as your multiplying factor.
Smaller example: if 1x yield is 1/2 qt, then 20/0.5 = 40 as your multiplying factor.
STILL, yes please, see the Google links on multiplying recipes...some advise making maximum 2x or 4x a recipe at once, pans shallow enough to ensure safe cooking and so on.
Also, see those articles for using LESS than a straight multiplier for herbs and spices when expanding a recipe.

Sorry for my slip up, and again good luck in your chili contest.
Niknud October 9, 2015
I'm more interested in why you need five gallons of chili.... Not that five gallons of chili is a bad thing, it's not. Just curious. Like when you see someone in the supermarket with 10 jars of mayonnaise. The imagination runs wild! :)
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Nancy October 9, 2015
Niknud - two or three cowboys with big appetites? Silliness reigns...
702551 October 9, 2015
What does it matter?

Maybe she entered a chili cookoff.
Maybe she's attending a football tailgate.
Maybe she's hosting a children's soccer team celebration.
Maybe it's for a school potluck.
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera...

There are countless reasons to make a group-sized batch of food.
Niknud October 9, 2015
Please, there was no judging. I was legit curious. I made 12 loves of bread and burnt up the motor on my kitchenaid kneading for the better part of four hours once. I was just wondering if it was a good story, that's all.
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Susan W. October 9, 2015
CV, I don't know why you have to be so snarky so often. You seem to take pleasure in taking the fun out of as many threads as possible. You must be a laugh riot at parties.
Susan W. October 9, 2015
Niknud, I'm always curious about such things. I love stories behind questions. I had to contain my curiosity today when a lady from my neighborhood was asking the local store manager if she could buy 3 cases of cornstarch. She's not in the food biz. Lol
Niknud October 9, 2015
I agree Susan. One of my favorite memories about food52 was back when the hotline was still the FoodPickle (I think) and there was this epic thread about worst kitchen disasters. It was a riot - so many good stories. And I think (if I'm remembering right) it was right around the holidays so it was a good de-stressers. Of course, much of this kerfuffle could be avoided if either we could just invent 'tone' emoticons. I swear, if I could invent a sarcasm emoticon, I could keep myself out of soooo much trouble.
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Boo October 9, 2015
Chili Cook-off:)
Niknud October 9, 2015
Boo, I am now emotionally invested in your Chili Cook-Off! You've got to let us know how it turns out and how it goes upscaling to five gallons. Best of luck!
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Susan W. October 9, 2015
Niknud, I would have loved the kitchen tragedy thread. Mine would have involved one of those electric popcorn popper. The kind with the big plastic bowl. You flipped the machine upside down and all the popcorn went into the bowl. I had the bright idea of mixing in a little grated cheddar into the popped corn. I was out of parm, so I put it in the oven on low (in reality, it wasn't on low) to melt it. Sounds good, right? I smelled something funny. The bowl collapsed in on itself and was totally stuck to the oven rack. My husband commented on the fact that it looked like modern art. There may or may not have been tears from children. Chocolate took care of that. Back to chili..
Nancy October 9, 2015
Boo - good luck, and please tell us how it goes...
702551 October 9, 2015
LOL, my first guess was correct.

Good luck with the cookoff!
hardlikearmour October 9, 2015
Based on the canned ingredients this should make about 5 cups when combined and cooked, which means you'd need to multiply everything by about 16. I agree with the other posters, that you should try single batch first, though. Measuring it would be most accurate.
Nancy October 9, 2015
Have you cooked this recipe before? If not, make one batch and measure its volume (in quarts). What volume did/does it make? Then multiply by 5 (for gallons) and by 4 (quarts per gallon).
Also have a look at various sites about cooking for a crowd or multiplying recipes.
Especially cautions on spices not multiplying exactly:
702551 October 9, 2015
I highly agree with Nancy. Before you go off to make five gallons of this stuff, you would be wise to make at least the normal recipe once.

After all, the time, effort and money to make five gallons of this stuff is not inconsequential. It would be foolhardy not to test the recipe in advance. For sure, that's what professional caterers and restaurateurs do.
Boo October 9, 2015
I have made it and loved it:)
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