I can't post a photo to my recipe

I hav tried different pictures, file formats and sizes, but it keeps saying, "you can't upload files of this type", and it's not because the size is above 5 MB.

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Clint N. October 12, 2015
Hi Patricia,

Thanks for letting us know about this problem. Can you tell me what operating system and what browser you are using? Also, if you felt like sending me the image directly to test, please do:
[email protected]


Patricia B. October 12, 2015
I use Widows 10 and have tried both Internet Explore and Microsoft Edge, but I'll e-mail you the photos.
hardlikearmour October 12, 2015
Hmmm. Have you tried jpegs? It's probably best to email the editors directly to get help.
Patricia B. October 12, 2015
All my photos ar automatically saved as jpg's, but I'll try to e-mail the editors. Thanks
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