My recipe for Olives in a Nest doesn't come up on a recipe search.

I am still having trouble with posting this recipe. Not only does it not appear when you type it into the recipe search, but the photo I tried to upload appears on a different spot on the edit page. Also, the recipe is still listed twice. Can you please delete one of them, saving the one with comments? I tried emailing to the editors account, but did not get a response....sorry for being such a pain.....



SKK November 13, 2011 I found it by going to your recipes. Are you still in Seattle?
francesca G. November 13, 2011
Ok -- I have now deleted the comment-less one and absolutely see what you mean about not finding it on recipe search. I will bring this to the attention of our developers shortly to see what's going on! Stay tuned and thank you for your patience!
francesca G. November 13, 2011
Not a problem -- we will delete the comment-less one from the backend. Please let us know shortly if you still have trouble finding it. Sorry this has been so difficult for you!
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