Does anyone know where to buy stone ground white flour?

I try to eat foods which have a low or moderate glycemic index/ glycemic load. Empirical research shows, counterintuitively, that the biggest determinant of whether a flour provides steady blood sugar is whether it's stone ground or not; being whole grain doesn't affect it much.

It's quite easy to find stone ground whole grain flours (thank you, Bob's Red Mill) but I like white flour for certain kinds of baking. White whole wheat doesn't work for certain recipes. And I'm not in a position to grind my own. Does anyone have any ideas? Mail order is fine.

Thanks in advance.

(The glycemic index represents empirical measures of how slowly or quickly a food is metabolized into glucose; high GI foods result in rapid rise, lots of insulin, low blood sugar crash, and over time, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, etc. If interested, see The New Glucose Revolution or But please let's not debate it here; I am happy for you to eat however you choose and we needn't agree.)

  • Posted by: DM
  • October 13, 2015
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1 Comment

HalfPint October 13, 2015
Try Anson Mills (online mail order).
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