I'm making Moroccan Chicken (tomato, onion, dried plums, spices) and I need preserved lemon and don't have any. I do have lemons. Is there an instant cheat? Or can I use Indian Lime Pickle that I have? Also is there an overnight cheat as I am making another batch tomorrow.



Dona January 7, 2011
Thanks, nutcakes. I apologize to all for that huge pictures, I see no editing feature. I thought it would be one of the little avatar type pics.
nutcakes January 7, 2011
Dona this is a delicious Tagine that Eric Ripert makes at home. I've never had plums on hand so I use chopped prunes which I add with the vegetables. I always add the curry powder. I happen to have a plum (not a prune plum, though) today so I might give it a try.
Dona January 7, 2011
Nutcakes, that sounds delicious. Can you direct me to your recipe? Thanks
nutcakes January 7, 2011
Thanks, everything turned out great. The guy is loving it. I rinsed the salt off and chopped the lemon more finely. The Quinoa is a hit for everyone. I'm making the whole dish again tomorrow, for another person, so I can measure what I am doing. I never post recipes here cause I just use T&T ones. But I am starting to see that I change it up a lot sometimes, or mix two dishes, but I never think it is my own.
hardlikearmour January 7, 2011
I would rinse the lemon if it has salt clinging to it, much easier to correct an undersalted dish ;~)
nutcakes January 6, 2011
Thanks, it's working now...do I rinse before using 2Tbsp? Looks awfully salty.
Verdigris January 6, 2011
Mark Bittman did a quicky preserved lemon by finely dicing a cleaned lemon and mixing it with about an equal quantity of kosher salt. He let his sit for about thirty minutes before using. You could definitely mix that up tonight to use tomorrow.
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