how do you prevent chocolate coating from separating from English toffee?

I coat the top and bottom of my English toffee with chocolate and then pecan chips. Lately, the chocolate layers have fallen off when I've gone to break the candy into pieces. Can you tell me how I can keep this from happening? I always blot the toffee to be sure it's dry before covering it with melted chocolate, so I don't think that's the issue. Thanks for any and all suggestions!

  • Posted by: Terri
  • November 5, 2015


Dona November 6, 2015
I make a LOT of toffee, and I put chocolate on the top of hot toffee and I've never had a problem. I use Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bars.
fearlessem November 6, 2015
This may not work for you given that you coat the toffee on both sides... I coat my toffee on one side, and I've found that coating the chocolate while the toffee was still hot made it stick much better than the times where I had cooled the toffee first prior to topping with chocolate...
QueenSashy November 5, 2015
Terri, what kind of chocolate did you use? I am not a big expert on toffee, but I experienced similar problem with chocolate glaze, whenever I used chocolate with too low fat content. This is purely experimental, but I've concluded that higher percentage of cocoa butter in chocolate (or adding a little bit of butter to whatever chocolate you are using) helps with sticking. Kind of acts like a glue. Would love to hear if anyone else had the same experience.
Terri November 6, 2015
Nestle semi-sweet chips!
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