how can I make a milk chocolate dipping shell for a peanut butter ball

I usually take the easy way out and use the Bakers chocolate dip microwave cups. I buy both milk chocolate and dark chocolate and dip 2/3 of the PB balls in milk chocolate and the other 1/3 in dark-as it seems like the people I make these for- prefer milk chocolate.

Been searching but the 2 predominant results have been either merely melting semi-sweet chocolate chips carefully on their own or with 2 tbl of shortening.

First and foremost-I have no shortening. Secondly-I want some a bit sweeter than melted semi-sweet morsels-but do not see any recipes for how I can make a milk chocolate dipping shell with what I have on hand. I think I have most everything BUT shortening.

Christine Vichi


Angela R. December 24, 2019
We add wax to our melted chocolate. You can usually it in the baking aisle. Just shave a little bit of wax into the chocolate. You can't taste it and it helps the chocolate hold the shape.
Christine V. December 24, 2019
Heard that before-Thanks for the suggestion
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