tempering chocolate

im not happy with the way my toffee looks after a couple days. I wonder if tempering the chocolate would help. How long does it "stay tempered"?

I've been researching tempering and it sounds like a last minute thing. Is there a simple solution?

  • Posted by: Dona
  • November 9, 2015


QueenSashy November 9, 2015
Yes and no. A part of the solution could be to use couverture chocolate which requires tempering and will look really glossy and shiny. Also, by watching the temperature of the chocolate while melting it, and making sure that it sets in a room that is about 65F will help with the bloom. However, you can still experience the bloom if the candy is not stored properly. There are two kinds of bloom, fat bloom which happens if chocolate is subjected to sharp changes in temperature (e.g stored in a cold place), and sugar bloom which happens due to exposure to too much moisture. So you may want to see if any of these could be affecting your candy. Also, the last minute trick to fix the bloom would be to "steam" the toffees quickly -- for example, you can heat water in a pot, and when it starts to steam vigorously, expose the candy to the steam briefly. The cocoa butter will mix right back, and when the glaze hardens the bloom will disappear.
Dona November 9, 2015
Great information, thank you.
Stephanie G. November 9, 2015
Are you wanting to dip the toffee in tempered chocolate?
Dona November 9, 2015
No. I pour the toffee onto a sheet pan then I place chopped chocolate on top of the hot toffee. No dipping. It's fine the way I do it, I was just thinking tempered chocolate would look better. After a couple days it gets that bloom.
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