How long does chocolate bark keep

I want to make chocolate bark for Xmas gifts. Food and Wine has a recipe that looks good w bittersweet chocolate, dried cherries and walnuts. It says that it lasts 4 days. Really? i’d Like to make a gift that I can send cross country - I want something that keeps unrefrugerated for 2-3 weeks. Why shouldn’t chocolate bark keep as long as a candy bar?

  • Posted by: Inko
  • November 27, 2017


Windischgirl November 27, 2017
As long as you are mailing to a place that is below 85 degrees, and there are no wet ingredients (e.g., canned cherries, fresh fruit, etc) you should be fine for several weeks. I would store it in the fridge or freezer prior to mailing, so that it’s not sitting next to your stove or radiator and softening.
The delivery services (UPSP, UPS, FedEx, etc) put packages in an unheated trailer so you’re fine there.
Inko November 27, 2017
Thanks, windischgirl!
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