How to "re-prepare" duck confit for serving?

I am planning a small (4 guests, myself included) dinner party for December 18th. I'd like to fix the duck confit a week or two in advance but am unsure how to properly reheat it for serving. I am working in a small apartment kitchen; I don't have a grill. Any advice is welcome. Thank you!

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1 Comment

702551 November 29, 2015
The typical way is to remove the confit from whatever storage it has been in (fridge, root cellar) to warm up a bit. The fat will start to liquify and at this point, you can extract the confit pieces, scrape off most of the fat (reserve for other uses), and to sauté the confit in a skillet to A.) heat up and B.) brown the pieces.

Personally, I age my confit a minimum of three months.
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