I roasted 4 Pekin Ducks for a Christmas party. I kept all the duck fat and it sep. into two parts: a clear liquid and a fatty solid. what do i keep?

Julie Blauvelt


allison Z. December 21, 2016
If you've refrigerated the drippings, the fat would have solidified and the liquid is juice that cooked out of the ducks. Separate the fatty solid from the clear liquid when it's cold. Save that liquid and add it to any sauce or gravy you're making.
Julie B. December 20, 2016
Thank you so much for all the feedback. I have strained the fat 3 times and I will heat it again to make sure it is as pure as possible. I will definitely roast potatoes in the fat!
QueenSashy December 20, 2016
per Greenstuff's suggestion... Definitely remelt the fat and strain from all impurities. (Using strainer lined with several layers of cheesecloth should do the job). Once the fat is rid of other stuff it will keep for a very long time. Make sure you try roasting potatoes in it -- it is heavenly.
Greenstuff December 20, 2016
Just to add to the advice Susan W has given-- I'd separate the fat from the juices and use the juices quickly, just as she said. I'd also recommend remelting the fat so that any remaining juices or other minor material ends up in the bottom and not mixed into the fat. The purer the fat, the better it will keep.
Julie B. December 20, 2016
From a storage perspective should they be stored together or separately?
Susan W. December 20, 2016
I would separate them. Mostly for convenience as you use them. I'd also freeze the broth if you aren't going to use it in 3-5 days.
janet E. December 19, 2016
The duck fat is fabulous for cooking potatoes of all sorts: French fries, sautéed potatoes, etc.
Susan W. December 19, 2016
The fatty solid is well..the fat. The liquid is a broth from cooking the duck. You can use that too. Maybe use it too cook rice.
Susan W. December 19, 2016
I hope I was clear. You definitely want to keep the solid fat. It's awesome as a cooking fat for many things. I was just saying keep the liquid as well.
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