Is it ok to use kosher salt on pork?



max J. December 11, 2015
I must be one of those Jews with thick skin.
Q How do you circumcise a whale?
A Send down four skin divers
Nancy December 11, 2015
Wonderful and LOL!
nancy E. December 10, 2015
Not if you are Jewish.

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HalfPint December 10, 2015
Let's play nice, Everyone. I gave @RoderickCR the benefit of the doubt and answered the question. No question is 'stupid' and we should all be able to ask these questions without the fear and reality of ridicule. That's always been the great thing about this Hotline. No judgement. Just sound advice and answers.
RoderickCR December 10, 2015

I may be a "dick" but I am circumcised....
creamtea December 5, 2015
Not funny. Nor are the responses.
Marcmarc December 5, 2015
"Kosher" refers to grain size, not necessarily whether it is actually Kosher.

But since this is actually just a thinly-veiled joke making light of Jewish dietary laws, my guess is that you're just kind of a dick.
irina December 5, 2015
I think this question is a joke.
I'm not taking it as a culinary question.
amysarah December 5, 2015
I use kosher salt as my all purpose cooking salt - as do many people. That's no matter what I'm cooking, including pork, shellfish, cheeseburgers...all manner of highly un-kosher foods. Haven't been called before a tribunal of rabbis yet.
bari December 5, 2015

I'm sorry there is no other way to answer your question
it is a stupid question in the first place

u can use kosher salt just like table salt on anything and everything you cook

just because it has the word kosher on doesn't mean you cant use it
today if you go into any market you will see pink salt, grey salt, truffle salt and I can go on& on the only difference between these is 1. where it comes from, 2 the difference in texture, the region it comes from in the world
truffle salt is to die for
Would you ask the same question can u use Pink salt on pork
because its pink

The next time you post a question think about it before you put it on
world wide web
Jenny M. December 5, 2015
You forgot price in difference
Elsbeth R. December 5, 2015
The salt will no longer be kosher, it'll just be salt ;)
max J. December 5, 2015
oy gevalt its a miracle!
KK December 4, 2015
What? Of course it is. I doubt your pork, or the salt will object. Happy cooking.
CanadaDan December 4, 2015
Legally? Yes. Culinarily? Yes. Ethically? Yes. Just don't tell your rabbi.
HalfPint December 4, 2015
Nancy December 4, 2015
Is this a culinary question...then yes.
If another type of question, please tell us more...
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