Indonesian food recommendations

Hi all,

Going on a trip to Indonesia! woooo! We'll be in Jakarta and Bali, for the most part, and I want to know: What dishes, fruits, vegetables, fishes, etc. should I not miss when I'm there? And if you have specific destination recommendations, I'd appreciate those, too!

Sarah Jampel


Maedl December 14, 2015
I haven’t been to Tribewanted in Bali, but I have been to their farm in Italy and I loved it. If I were going to Bali, I would put their location there on my itinerary:
Nancy December 14, 2015
Curry mee or curry laksa. A chicken soup with coconut. An example Nonya cuisine, from Peranakans, descendants Chinese traders who settled along straits of Malaya or Java in 15-16C.
foofaraw December 13, 2015
A couple that I can remember and want to go in Jakarta:
- Gado Gado Boplo
- Martabak manis/asin (there are some in Jalan Roxy)
- Asinan bogor
- Bakmi Gajah Mada
- Bakmi Gang Kelinci (don't know if this is still good or not)
- Paul (French pattiserie)
- Jun Njan Restaurant (old timer)
- Nasi Hainam Apollo (another old timer)
- Bandar Djakarta
- Pondok Laguna
- this chinese restaurant in Jalan Pos in Jakarta pusat that I can't rememeber the name yet.

When going to Indonesian style seafood restaurant, buy Ikan Gurame Terbang (butterflied Gurame/Tilapia fish that is deep fried and the meat turns back into looking like wings The outside is very crispy, and the inside is very soft. The small bones are crispy too and you can eat that. Good for calcium supply, they said lol.

Go to traditional market in the morning (6.30-7am) and buy jajanan pasar (traditional market treat). Google this words to find out pics. Since they are made with fresh coconut milk, they only last for few hours and will go bad afterwards
foofaraw December 13, 2015
- Nasi Padang Garuda, there maybe others that is better, but this one never make me have stomachache.

If you like durian, try Durian Medan, the cousin of Durian Bangkok with much more flavor and fragrant, though smaller in size.
Also try Salak/Snake Fruit, Manggis/Mangosteen, 7++ kinds of bananas there, new seafood that traditional market tends to sell alive, peanut sauce of everything, cheap massage (1hr++ for ~$10 I guess?), bir Bintang (the only beer from Indonesia).
Sarah J. December 14, 2015
Thanks for all of your suggestions!!! Most excited about that deep-fried butterflied fish!
foofaraw December 14, 2015
No problem! How long and when will you be there?
Most interesting fruit and veggie can be found in traditional market. Wash it really well before eating. Better yet, always peel/cut off the skin/outermost layer, unless you cook it first.
If you are going there on summer, see if you can go to, the largest craft fair in Indonesia. Best place to get crafts and arts from places in Indonesia with cheaper price.
Also, I hope you are not going during fasting time (40 days until Ied Fitr) and Ied Fitr, because many stores and restaurant will be close.
Also if possible, try not to use sleeveless and anything too short (like above knee).
Jakarta is a *large* city (larger than NYC), so you should be able to find more travel advice on the net about it too.
PM me if you need more information.
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