can i use a stick of butter, to a already mix cookie dough? forgot to use 2 stick of butter

Forgot to use 2 butter stick in cookie recipe, can I add 1 stick of butter to already made cookie dough?

Patricia Ramirez


Traci R. May 14, 2020
Yes! I’ve taken prepared dough out from the fridge (let sit 20 min) and melted 2 tbs of butter and slowly added to the dough. Use your hands to incorporate but avoid over mixing. The next batch came out MUCH better.
Hazlenutt December 4, 2020
This was just the info I needed when I missed a 1/2 cup of butter in my cookie recipe today!! It looked like I had a bowl of clumpy flour. I melted the butter, but not completely so it was still thick. Poured it in little by little and worked it in with my hands. My cookies turned out perfect!
702551 December 19, 2015
I would pitch the botched mixture and start over. As an ingredient, butter is relatively expensive, not something to waste.

As drbabs suggested, you should cook off a couple of cookies to see if they'll work out before trying to incorporate any more butter. If it doesn't work out and you remake the recipe, you'll be out four sticks of butter instead of just two.
drbabs December 19, 2015
You mean there's already flour in there? Probably not a good idea--in order to beat it well enough to blend everything together, you'll develop the gluten and end up with tough cookies. Why don't you try baking off a few cookies and see what happens? If you look at mrslarkin's Chubby Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies, they came about when she accidentally put an extra cup of flour into the cookie dough mixture. They're a happy accident. Maybe yours will turn out ok, too. If not, no point in ruining a good stick of butter.
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