My no-bake granola bars won't hold together

I followed a recipe that called for one part maple syrup and one part almond butter for the wet mixture. I heated the mixture up until the almond butter had just melted (as directed). I then stirred it in with a mixture of nuts and seeds, pressed it all into a pan and popped it in the fridge for 30 minutes (all as directed). They are too wet and gooey to hold together, even after sitting in the fridge. I've made this recipe before, and the bars were crunchy and held together. I'm not sure what I did differently this time. If I baked the pan of gooey-ness for a bit, would that help harden it and hold it all together?

Autumn Lee
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1 Comment

702551 December 24, 2015
Since you have made this recipe before successfully, the logical explanation is that you incorrectly measured some of the dry goods, likely shorting the recommended quantity.

These types of mistakes happen especially frequently during the frenetic holiday season. We saw countless posts here on Thanksgiving Eve/Thanksgiving Day about various kitchen miscues.

I suggest you redo the recipe, hopefully enlisting someone to double check your work.

Good luck.
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