How long can this be safely kept in the fridge?

Clyde Common's Better Eggnog
Recipe question for: Clyde Common's Better Eggnog


LE B. December 26, 2015
tashi, if you ever DO let it age in the frig, it will have a much smoother, more-depth flavor.I recommend trying a cup or so tucked up against the lower rear wall of your fridge(the coldest place) and then you'll know which you prefer for next year.There were a few very serious egg-nog agers on another 52 or chowhound thread who start ageing their year's batch 6-9 months ahead of usage!
LE B. December 25, 2015
forever. sugar sugar sugar and alcohol are both preservatives. i have seen so many discussions of this and those are my gleanings.
Tashipluto December 25, 2015
Thank you both for your quick responses on Xmas Eve! You reflected exactly what was in my mind...raw eggs/lots of sugar and alcohol, what to do? I read another recipe that said to keep the mixture in the fridge for 3-4 weeks before even drinking(! who could do that?), so I'm going with the sugar and alcohol preservative school of thought. Happy holidays!
Susan W. December 24, 2015
Because this deals with raw eggs, you will need to decide this for yourself. I love this restaurant and their eggnog recipe is what my family has used for a few years. My mom and my best friend refuse to partake because of the raw eggs. It's never lasted longer than two days at my house.
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