sides for coquilles st. jacques?

I'm having a dinner party and planning to serve coquilles St. Jacques in individual casseroles. Will also make a green salad. Any ideas on what else to serve that will be complementary? Can be another side or even appetizer ideas. Thanks!

  • Posted by: lcast
  • January 1, 2016


amysarah January 1, 2016
I think all you need to go along with it is a green salad and good baguette. For a first course, I think I'd veer to the non-creamy, assuming you're doing a classic coquille with cream and cheese - maybe a nice terrine/pate with cornichons, to stay in the French lane and put some of that bread to good use.
lloreen January 1, 2016
A light, creamy vegetable soup would be a nice first course. The "genius celery soup" is delicious, not too heavy, and fits the French theme. Appetizer wise, how about gougeres?
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