I'm making Beef Bourguignon tonight for a dinner party. I'm planning to serve with bread and salad. Is that enough? We'll have a couple of appetizers and dessert (apple crumble) too.

  • Posted by: hayley
  • October 30, 2010


innoabrd October 31, 2010
melissav October 31, 2010
There is this phenomenal sounding dish in Amanda's book Cooking for Mr. Latte that sounds perfect for a cheese course following this meal; I've been looking for an excuse to make it myself. It is Goat Cheese with Shallot-Cassis Marmalade. Do you have access to that book?
Kayb October 30, 2010
Plain old buttered egg noodles work nicely, as do garlic mashed potatos. Last time I made it for a dinner party, I did green beans Provencal as well. But bouef bourguignon on its own with a salad and lots of good bread is hard to beat.
pierino October 30, 2010
I'll jump in on the side of a starch course, which could be rice, noodles or perhaps a potato gratin. You don't want that jus to go to waste.
healthierkitchen October 30, 2010
Sounds great! I second the cheese course idea.
Mr_Vittles October 30, 2010
Yeah that enough. The beef bourguignon is usually enough just for me. As others have stated wine would also be a plus!
campagnes October 30, 2010
Sounds delicious - lucky party guests! I usually like to serve BB with some kind of starch (usually potatoes) to catch all the beefy goodness, but sopping it up with some nice bread sounds even better.
aargersi October 30, 2010
That sounds like plenty! And wine of course :-) I would put loads of veggies in the salad or maybe even do it "salad bar" style so that it becomes a more prominant part of the meal.
Sadassa_Ulna October 30, 2010
Can I come over? Sounds great to me. You could do a cheese course before (or with) dessert if your apps aren't too cheesy.
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