You favorite movie kitchens?

What are the best movie set kitchens of all time, in your humble opinions? (And the scenes that you loved in them, too!)

Amanda Sims


Bevi January 22, 2016
The old PBS series "The Duchess of Duke Street" had a turn of the century kitchen that "produced" great French cuisine.
arcane54 January 22, 2016
Moonstruck! That old NY kitchen held so much family history. My favorite was when Olympia Dukakis made breakfast for Cher after her night on the town with Nicholas Cage: hole in the bread, fried egg and roasted red peppers.
Sam1148 January 22, 2016
Everything about the Parent Trap (original version) House and kitchen

TobiT January 21, 2016
Nearly the entire movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!!
luvcookbooks January 21, 2016
Cortina, Corrina w Whoopi Goldberg and Ray Liotta. I love the 50s aesthetic (other things not so much, like the sexism).
amysarah January 21, 2016
The Nancy Meyers' films kitchen sets (It's Complicated, Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday) are downright kitchen porn...not that there's anything wrong with that. But the Draper suburban kitchen in Mad Men strikes a chord - not that I'd want it now, but it really nails that time and place. Also, in Julie & Julia, the recreation of Julia Child's iconic kitchen is perfect.
HalfPint January 21, 2016
Speaking of Nancy Meyers' films, I am so jealous of Diana's kitchen in Something's Gotta Give.
lakelurelady January 21, 2016
It has to be the kitchen in It's Complicated. Even though the idea is to have Steve Martin build her a new kitchen, the one that Meryl Streep already has is charming. Even including the refrigerator with the dent in it. According to what I have read, when the refrigerator was delivered to the set, the designers discovered that it had that little dent. Someone said "keep it, with three kids in the house it makes it more believable." The kitchen is funky but a true cook's kitchen. Making Croque Monsieur for Steve Martin was my favorite scene, other that the croissant scene in the bakery.
I also love the English cottage kitchen in The Holiday. This was another Nancy Meyers design, along with the kitchen in Something's Got to Give.
Lindsay-Jean H. January 21, 2016
+1 for It's Complicated -- the garden comes with it too, right?
Practical Magic -- with the margaritas, obviously
The Holiday -- either the English cottage or the California house, I'm not picky
Teresa L. January 21, 2016
and of course Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona!
Teresa L. January 21, 2016
in this movie there's a scene in the kitchen and i never forgot the iranian dish the guy made. everything looked really natural and fluid.
HalfPint January 21, 2016
The chef's home kitchen in Eat Drink Man Woman.

Nancy January 21, 2016
Especially his knife-work scenes.
Rebecca F. January 21, 2016
LOVE the kitchen in Amelie (so much checkerboard!) And while it's not a real "set," Alfredo's little Parisian kitchen in Ratatouille is fantastic.
Nancy January 21, 2016
Two, if you'll allow tv.
Mrs Bridges's kitchen in the original "Upstairs, Downstairs" where the lives of the servants played out, with Mr Hudson as paterfamilias.
Erica Barry's kitchen in "Something's Gotta Give." Maybe a cliche, but beautiful. Again, many scenes, but hard to beat the one where she discovers her daughter's half dressed older lover making a midnight kitchen raid and thinks he's an intruder.
Panfusine January 21, 2016
Viane Rocher's (Juliette Binoche's character) kitchen / chocolate 'factory' in the movie Chocolat. dreamy rustic feel.
QueenSashy January 22, 2016
... me too. I so love that kitchen.
stacy January 21, 2016
I love the Weasley's kitchen in the Harry Potter movies, I know it's kind of lame, but it's such a loving and crazy family and the cooking/eating scenes were always so sweet.
Exbruxelles January 21, 2016
It's the whitest movie ever made, but the kitchen in "It's Complicated," is pretty fantastic.
stacy January 21, 2016
I was going to say the same - love love love that kitchen
Dona January 21, 2016
That's exactly the kitchen that came to my mind.
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