best blender for a starter kitchen?

toyosi oyelola


LisaD May 26, 2017
I have an immersion blender that has separate whisk and mini-food processor attachments. I love this setup. The immersion will handle a big pot of soup that you'd need to process in several batches with a closed blender. It is true that it can't handle "hard" items (nuts, coffee, firmer veggies), but the little mini-processor attachment helps out. Although this product retails for around $75, I imagine you could find it on eBay for less.
ktr May 26, 2017
When I lived in a small new jersey apartment I had very minimal kitchen items. I used my immersion blender for smoothies and soups. They won't be as smooth as they are when you use a high powered blender but they will still be very good.
Sam1148 May 26, 2017
A "Nutra Bullet" takes up very little space and does most everything I need for a blender, for smoothies, dressings, hummus, etc. I also have a stick blender...but that's mostly used for soups now. Ebay has them on sale occasionally.
Nancy May 26, 2017
Agree previous commentors, but on balance would go for a mini processor or blender over the immersion blender because of the closed system...can handle items of tougher texture (fruits or vegetables with harder texture, coffee beans, spices) and with less mess.
Allegedly you can even whip cream in some of them (never tried), but for whipped cream there is always the shake-the-jar trick or a whisk.
And some are available at your price points.
MMH May 25, 2017
Get the immersion blender. I use it far more than I ever dreamed and I use it for the things you mention. It will take up far less space. Some of them come with attachment cups for smoothies.
toyosi O. May 25, 2017
whoops. looks like i hit enter too soon? anyways i'm a college student living in a student apartment and i'm looking to get a blender for my kitchen next year. i live in NYC so space is an issue and i've been going back and forth between getting an immersion blender or a personal size blender.

I'm looking to use it to blend soups, make smoothies, dressings (like a creamy jalapeño, or avocado dressing, and i'd love if i could use it to whip items like cream as well!

any suggestions that don't take up much space and are budget friendly? (ideally under 30 (in my dreams!) or under $50ish?)
Dona May 25, 2017
I have a kitchen aid blender, a vitamix blender and a low end immersion blender. I use the immersion blender a lot more than the other two.
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