My 2 ribeye steaks have been marinating for 5 days, can I still eat them??????

  • Posted by: Deena
  • February 6, 2016


Leith D. February 10, 2016
I think it depends on the date the steaks expire and the type of marinade. Anything too acidic will make them mushy. There are recipes that call for long marinating time, I'd look those up.
LeBec F. February 6, 2016
deena, you DO mean marinade as in a vinaigrette, liquid dressing? not a spice coating, right?
LeBec F. February 6, 2016
typo; i meant sam.
Sam1148 February 6, 2016
I'd freeze them a bit. Then slice them and make jerky out of them. After you slice them put them back in the marinade another day. Then dry them at the lowest oven setting on a rack.
LeBec F. February 6, 2016
they don't call you brilliant for nothin', p!
pierino February 6, 2016
Only if you like pickled steak.
ChefJune February 6, 2016
I'm guessing they'd be kinda mushy. Curious why you would marinate a ribeye steak in the first place. The only kind I marinate is something like chuck steak, to break down the tough membranes.
Deena February 6, 2016
Thanks!!!! Really appreciate you taking the time to answer me?
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