To marinate or not to marinate NY Strip Steaks?

I am planning to grill NY Strip Steaks for a Father's Day dinner and I am wondering if I should marinade or do a rub on the steaks before grilling. Or should I just let the natural steak flavor shine through and simply rub with olive oil, salt and pepper? Any advice or guidance from food52 grilling experts would be appreciated!



MMH April 23, 2018
I live in nebraska. Thats a crime here.
scruz April 21, 2018
one of my favs to lightly enhance meat, particularly sirloin but i also use on ny. steaks, is to marinade for a while in olive oil, lemon and rosemary. and i hold some un used back and slice the meat and drizzle marinade over. it is divine. i always use 2-3 inch thick steaks.
james M. April 21, 2018
If you have just bought a beautiful piece of meat, whatever it is why add anything? Do you want to taste spices or what you bought? Cook it how you want and if it needs salt, pepper, paprika or whatever after it's been cooked then add it and maybe a few minutes more cooking however you did it but don't just marinate for the sake of it. Natural is the way to go and teach your taste buds!!!
bugbitten June 20, 2011
Nice work, I hope the dad(s) felt honored!
cookinginvictoria June 20, 2011
Thanks everyone for the great advice. I ended up bringing the steaks to room temperature and rubbed them with sea salt, olive oil and black pepper. After grilling, the steaks developed the most delicious crust! Rather than turning on the stove to make a pan sauce, I made a compound butter with garlic, fresh rosemary and chives to serve with the steaks. They were beyond scrumptious!
innoabrd June 17, 2011
I'm anti-marinade if it's good beef. I tend to just use a bit of oil and black pepper, then serve with grey sea salt.
Sam1148 June 17, 2011
Just salt them. Here's a bit about salting steaks. Either salt them immediately, or let sit at least 40mins.

As jwolfsthal mentioned. Serve with a side sauce.
And for family, don't forget the A1 even though that might be against your tastes. Some people like it and expect it.
jwolfsthal June 17, 2011
i don't think you shoudl marinate them. I do like to salt my meat an hour before cooking, since it helps draw out water and helps produce a very nice crust. Serving with a nice saucem however, is another story. My three favorites are:

1) Mushrooms with a balsamic vinegar glaze - just cook mushrooms down with a little salt and add vinegar a few minutes before finising.
2) Blue cheese - just crumble one when done and serve - delish
3) a rosemary, garlic and sea salt - use a mortal and pestle to mix and serve on the side so you can dip as you go.

Happy Father's day!!!

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bugbitten June 17, 2011
I think your steaks are too tasty by themselves to fool around with a marinade, so try this. Salt the NY strips all over and leave them at room temperature for at least two hours. Season with pepper. Oil the steaks or the grill and cook the steaks until just charred. Put them in a skillet and into a 400 degree oven for 8 to 10 minutes. When they're done let them rest on a platter while you deglaze the hot pan over a medium flame with some wine, butter and any handy herbs. Add any juices from the steaks to the sauce and serve with the sauce on top or on the side. Can't be beat.
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