Recipes for cooked grain tart crust?

Brown rice/ freekeh/ quinoa: has anyone seen or used a recipe for a cooked grain tart crust? I am just mulling over the idea, but I'm thinking a binder is necessary. I don't want an egg to be visible (like ribbons of yellow between the cooked grains) and i just want the crust to taste like crunchy grain ( like a flour crust would, except this crust is healthier.) A bit of grated cheese might work but that would depend on the tart's filling.
Thoughts, ideas, links? Thx much for your help!
p.s. i'll be googling this, as usual; just wanted to ask youall as well.

LeBec Fin


jilhil February 10, 2016
James McNair has a recipe for a wild rice crust that sounds like something you could use for a template. I haven't had it in years but my recollection is that the crust had all the qualities you are looking for.
Nancy February 10, 2016
Are you wanting something healthier than (white) flour. or than any wheat flour?
If the first, consider whole grain bread crumb and cookie crusts - made all the time.
If the second, look to rice-cracker or gluten-free cookie crusts.
And there is possibility of a cooked pasta (wheat or not) as a crust. Some frittatas use them; why not pie?
In all these, a combo of starch, fat and/or cheese might help keep it together. For a sweet crust, small amounts of jam or peanut butter.
Please tell us the content and results of your lab work.
LeBec F. February 10, 2016
than any flour. want the health and textural plus of cooked whole grain!
Susan W. February 9, 2016
Here's one by Erin.

Here's one using brown rice.

Disclaimer: I've not tried either of them.
LeBec F. February 10, 2016
SUSAN, youse is is helpful as always! looks like erin's recipe combines both cv's egg white idea, and cheese. i've been working on this since i posted the it; some luck, but most recipes are for grains that are ground into flour, which is not what i want.
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 10, 2016
Huh? There is no grain grounded into flour into Erin's recipe. Egg Whites work well. I've made a wild rice crust without flour but cheese and an egg white.
702551 February 9, 2016
Not being particularly interested in your project, I haven't bothered to even do a simple Internet search, but I thought I would toss out one idea since no one else seems to be interested either.

My immediate thought was to bind the cooked grains with egg whites. There must be some recipes out there for rice crackers, after all a few billion people eat them as snacks and one of those recipes might be adaptable as a tart crust. Egg whites seem to be a candidate as a binder.

You don't say whether or not this is a sweet or savory dish nor whether or not a blind baked crust is preferable to one with wet ingredients baked at the same time, but my guess is that this has been done before.
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