Your favorite recipes with preserved lemons

... stews, braises, salads, and anything in between. (And preferably not a chicken dish.)



Cate April 24, 2016
I just made this pea salad for dinner last night and added diced preserved lemon:

As a side note, the salad was fantastic mixed into tuna salad for lunch the next day.
Maedl April 19, 2016
I love the classic tagine of chicken, preserved lemon and olives.
kristin T. April 19, 2016
I have the same question but was interested in good recipes that use fish. Any suggestions?
Susan W. April 19, 2016
This. I switched out the lime juice in the marinade and used preserved lemon puree instead.
dinner A. April 13, 2016
There are two stews with preserved lemon that I really like in Deborah Madison's book Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone - one of chickpeas and chard, and the other artichoke, pepper, and chickpea. I'm not sure if they're posted online anywhere, but consider getting that book if you don't have it. Tons of good recipes, and also uncommonly useful advice.
cosmiccook April 13, 2016
I JUST found a some preserved lemons I put up about 2-3 years ago untouched/unopened--are they still good to use for this puree?
dinner A. April 13, 2016
Probably -- I once made a very large batch of preserved lemons that I used over several years (not as a puree, more traditionally as minced rind), and they were fine. I don't can mine, simply pack the lemons/salt/juice in clean jar and refrigerate.
Ben M. April 12, 2016
I have not tried it on lamb but that is a good idea. My batch of preserved lemons just got made a few weeks ago so I am figuring out what to do with it also.
QueenSashy April 12, 2016
If you do please report back, as I might not have an opportunity to do it right away :) (Although I am pretty sure it will be magnificent on lamb...)
Susan W. April 12, 2016
Great idea with the steak Ben.

I have 4 lamb loin chops waiting to be grilled tonight. I think I'll marinate them in a lemon puree, garlic, olive oil mixture. I may make a little extra to drizzle over the chops after they come off the grill.
QueenSashy April 12, 2016
steak / lamb chop envy here :)
Susan W. April 12, 2016
Here they are. I did a preserved lemon puree, garlic, salt, pepper and mustard marinade.

Ben M. April 12, 2016
I made a homemade lemon pepper rub for a steak I cooked on Sunday. I took my preserved lemons rinsed them and chopped them up then with salt pepper and garlic I pounded it into a paste and rubbed it all over my steaks with some olive oil and let them sit for a hour or so. It was fantastic.
QueenSashy April 12, 2016
Ben, that sounds pretty delicious. Have you tried it on a lamb by any chance?
Valhalla April 11, 2016
I love this David Lebovitz recipe:
I like them best chopped into salads (grain, pasta, whatever), but I see many dips they would make better--check out this slideshow:
And of course in tagines/stews they are fantastic,
QueenSashy April 11, 2016
So many new ideas -- look forward to trying them all. @pierino, made the sandwich last night-- it was a blast! Going for the fava bean hummus with preserved lemon puree tonight...
Kristen W. April 11, 2016
Mrs. Patmore, FYI tonight I made the recipe you posted above - delicious, thanks for posting!
creamtea April 10, 2016
I mince a quarter lemon very finely for green salad, adding a little brine to the dressing.
I make guacamole with or without toast and a fried egg as per my recipe:
I would use some finely minced over steamed or roasted fish, or you could mash a little and mix it with mayonnaise, homemade or purchased, for a sandwich of good-quality tinned tuna, tomato, lettuce, and sourdough bread or baguette.
aargersi April 10, 2016
I love them in risotto - they can be the star or you can also add mustard greens and mustard (one of my favorite combos!) which is delicious and tangy ... I also like to use them in a lamb shank tagine with cinnamon stick and some dried fruit - a little bit of prunes or dates or something, and if there's enough liquid you can toss some couscous in right at the end for a one pot meal. And now that I am pondering, I feel like a tahini and preserved lemon salad dressing would be a very good thing - I'll make some and report back!
Susan W. April 10, 2016
This is a copycat recipe of Whole Foods kale salad. I've been using preserved lemon puree in place of the lemon juice and it's delicious. You could also toss in segments of preserved lemons instead of puree.

The dressing is great in a romaine or any sturdy lettuce. Last night, I made a chopped salad using soppressata and this dressing. Delish.

Looking forward to see what dressing you come up with.
aargersi April 14, 2016
I made it last night! It's great, and I think would work as a marinade as well, or as a Cole slaw dressing. I didn't measure - I put two BIG spoonfuls of tahini, 3 small preserved lemons, rice vinegar, one small garlic clove, a splash of rice vinegar, white pepper and some hot smoked paprika, and then thinned it with water. Oh and a dash of honey.
Susan W. April 14, 2016
Abbie, that sounds delish. Making it today! I love the coleslaw idea.
Mrs B. April 9, 2016
This dish with chicken, sumac and Israeli couscous:
pierino April 9, 2016
Here's one of my own
Susan W. April 9, 2016
Not a recipe, but I have discovered the beauty of preserved lemon puree. I take about half of my preserved lemons, remove as many seeds as I can and puree them in my processor or blender with the liquid. I find the puree more useful than the rinds. I've mixed into dressings, soups, roasted veggies and pan sauces for fish etc.
QueenSashy April 9, 2016
Oh, that's a good one -- especially as I have plenty of them! Thank you...
jakestavis April 10, 2016
how interesting, I've got to try this! do you puree just the skin or the pulp as well? and do you rinse them before to remove any of the excess salt?
Susan W. April 10, 2016
Definitely the rind and the pulp. I did rinse them because it was easier to get rid of more seeds. This time, however, I think I won't rinse. The puree seemed a little bland, but it may be because I used Meyer lemons. This go around, I may not rinse or, I will add more of the salty liquid. I'll be making another batch of puree with a new batch of lemons that look ready to me. I'll report back with the results.
QueenSashy April 11, 2016
Susan, the pure works like a charm. It's now my favorite way to use preserved lemons. Today I made fava bean humus and topped it with a pure of preserved lemons, parsley, mint, cumin, garlic, olive oil and red pepper flakes. I too used Meyer. And I kind of half rinsed them, complete rinse was a bit bland, no rinse too salty. I pureed both the skin and the pulp. Loved it!
Susan W. April 11, 2016
QueenSashy, so glad you like it! Did you add most of the liquid from the jar of lemons or just some..or none? My jar of puree has lasted a long time, so I forget how much liquid I used.

I baked chicken thighs on top of turnips, golden beets and carrots last night. I mixed the vegetables with olive oil, garlic cloves, salt and pepper. I decided to add a spoonful of lemon puree. It was delicious.
QueenSashy April 11, 2016
I did not add much liquid, about a tablespoon. I did not want to overdo it, because I added one whole lemon (to a bunch of parsley and large handful of mint). I am now thinking how the liquid is an interesting ingredient on its own, without the lemon. Need to give it some thought :)
Susan W. April 11, 2016
I think I didn't add much either. I may be bolder this time. I'm about to cook up some rice for chicken adobo with coconut milk that's simmering away right now. Adobe doesn't need a lemony flavor, but I'm kind of wanting to add some of that lemony brine to my rice cooker.
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