What can I use a wooden chopping bowl for? Just salads ?

I'm trying to see if it is worth the cost. It comes with a mezzaluna

  • Posted by: Col
  • April 13, 2016


kate April 14, 2016
they are great for finely chopping herbs or vegetables, nuts, etc. I got one as a gift and didn't expect to use it much, but I use it a lot, especially in the summer when I use a lot of fresh herbs. I often use it when I don't want to bother with cleaning the food processor.
Col April 14, 2016
Thanks all. I think I'll make the investment.
ChefJune April 14, 2016
My grandma made pretty much everything in her chopping bowl.... Chopped liver was the thing I remember best, but she used it like most people nowadays use a knife and chopping board - to chop onions, celery, etc. for her recipes. Imho, a chopping bowl is rather shallow to use for a salad bowl.
SMSF April 13, 2016
If you like the way it looks (and if you have the space), the bowl can also be used to display various items - small citrus, nuts in the shell, things you might collect and want to look at.
Smaug April 13, 2016
You could use it for chopping.
HalfPint April 13, 2016
yeah, chopping, mincing, mashing. You can probably use it like a mortar (with a pestle, not just with the mezzaluna).
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