Matzoh Meal- What are its effects and subs?Tishpishti (Walnut Cake)

Tishpishti (Walnut Cake)By secondbasil: I am wanting to make this but use honey and whole grain flours and maybe half butter. What is the effect of matzoh meal in a cake like this and how might I sub for it??thx for your help.

LeBec Fin


susan G. April 16, 2016
To be simplistic, matzo meal is just crushed matzos. You could crush your own, similar to making cracker crumbs. They're on the fine side, but not ultra-fine -- that's matzo cake meal.
sydney April 16, 2016
That's hilarious! Yes, you'll be happy to hear that matzo meal (combined with the religiously proscribed absence of leavening) absolutely make the infamously dry, constipating doorstop cakes of seder tables everywhere! Mind you, I happen to love traditional Xmas cake, so the joke's on me, too, for loving something that lots of people seem to find inedible... :-)
GsR April 17, 2016
Actually you can get kosher Passover baking powder.
sydney April 16, 2016
Matzo meal is basically a substitution/replacement ingredient in itself. It 'replaces' regular flours and leavening not permitted for Passover. The walnut cake recipe contributor indicates that it's a Passover family recipe. Loosely speaking, that's also why there's no dairy. If you're not baking for anyone observing a religiously correct Passover you're better off to find a 'regular' walnut cake recipe with flour, dairy, and leavening.
LeBec F. April 16, 2016
I did understand all that and know it seems assbackwards, as we say, but I was attracted to the significant amount of orange, and walnuts, and what I'm guessing is the rougher texture provided by the matzoh meal? 'Dense' and not 'light and airy' --is what appeals to me in cakes.
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