Honey Brownies

I am trying to make a dark chocolate honey brownie - my first pass was a mess, the butter escaped and it was just a weird bubbly butter goo mess. I added honey to my standard recipe, no sugar, and added walnut flour to really confuse things. I think I need more flour? Any suggestions?



drbabs May 23, 2014
Also, Abbie, I think the combination of butter and walnut flour imparted way too much fat with nothing (like AP flour) to absorb it. YOu would probably need additional flour (ap, not walnut) to compensate for the liquid in the honey. Did you use melted chocolate or just cocoa powder? Cocoa powder (like Alice Medrich's brownies) would probably work better.
HalfPint May 21, 2014
Just a thought, maybe scale back on the butter. Butter bubbling out seems to indicate too much butter and there's not enough flour to absorb it.
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