planning a dinner/birthday party (for 12-14) for my husband...loves beef, not fussy. I am a decent and confident cook. I lean toward seasonal/quality ingredients...any ideas?



virgieandhats January 18, 2011
People who love the flavor of beef love hanger steak, which is cut from the abdomen, near the liver of the cow and retains a tiny bit of that earthy flavor. You can cook it Zuni style and rub with a decent amount of kosher salt or fleur de sel about 6 hours before hand. It's so easy to sear and serve that (if you cut out the center tendon before salting) that you can devote yourself to creating some great sides, as others have suggested!
AntoniaJames January 17, 2011
I'd do a Beef Bourguignon . . . it's easy, people love it, it's better if made the day before, can be kept warm in the oven until ready to serve, etc. etc. And not many people in the US get to eat it often.Or, at least, not as often as they'd like. ;o)
nutcakes January 17, 2011
The rib roast is a great idea and so easy you will be free to make great sides. These roasted polenta squares are wonderful and mostly do ahead. Use as an appetizer or a side--it's very 90's but so good! I'd love something done with chard or other greens to go with.

Food52 just had a short rib contest, so don't neglect some of the braises there. You can make it a day or two ahead and reheat. A similar idea would be to do a daube of beef. I once made one that took 3 days of marinating and cooking 3 cuts of beef and it was fantastic, served with soft polenta. From Paula Wolfert's The Cooking of Southwest France. It wasn't difficult, no one usually gets to eat these long cooked braiseit's a treat.
ChefDaddy January 17, 2011
Ohh...I vote for the Bernaise! Sounds like the menu is set.
hardlikearmour January 17, 2011
How about beef tenderloin with bearnaise sauce? Or if you wanted to go really fancy you could make beef wellington.
healthierkitchen January 17, 2011
ChefDaddy's got it. A whole tenderloin or roast would be great - maybe with a vegetable gratin of some sort and some roasted potatoes. Just read the blog Wednesday Chef tonight and she talks about the Zuni Cafe chard panade which would be great. Do a madeira or other red wine reduction.
ChefDaddy January 17, 2011
If he is a beef lover he might appreciate a standing rib roast, whole beef tenderloin, or whole New York. I find it easier to cook a large cut of beef and slice portions for a big party. Especially if served buffet style you can carve for each guest going by with out getting cold and slice one for yourself as the last guest goes by and you can be seated right along with all of the guests.
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