Beef STOCK substitute?

I am cooking braised short ribs and recipe calls for beef stock, is using beef BROTH a bad idea? Will it ruin the recipe?

Jennifer Lumpkin


SKK January 13, 2012
Beef short ribs really, really benefit from a good stock. Given the work involved, my opinion is beef broth won't compliment the dish and give it the rich flavor. Bigpan says it very well. Susanm gives a great alternative. When my daughter makes her beef short ribs she uses veal stock and wine!
susanm January 13, 2012
how about just using red wine? that's how i braise my short ribs and they are always AMAZING! something hearty that you would love to drink with the a nero d'avola from italy or a south american malbec. both are reasonably priced and would work really, really well for a braise. i find stocks & broth to be too salty for a braise.
bigpan January 13, 2012
Remember using a canned product will be loaded with salt, and as it cooks away the saltiness will intensify - ease back on adding salt until cooking is finished. I normally cook without salt and use a good sea salt as a top-dressing on the plate.
jmburns January 13, 2012
It should work fine just not quite as intense a flavor.
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