are there any Chinese recipes?



pierino January 26, 2011
There are almost as many Chinese recipes as there are people in China.
prettyPeas January 26, 2011
Thanks for bringing this to my attention--I'll change that forthwith!!
java&foam January 25, 2011
on food 52...there are not many that stand out as native chinese recipes, rather there are recipes are usually "asian fusion" and many of them are tagged with the term "chinese" for having used an ingredient with the word chinese in it, such as "chinese five spice powder" or "chinese celery". i have included a link to these below, but in case these aren't what you are looking for, you can try searching other food blogs. below i have a link for a popular food blog, tastespotting, where it has been pre-searched to display only the chinese recipes on the site. also would be an excellent option, where they even have recipes for making many classic take-out favorites, such as egg drop soup, orange chicken and shanghai noodles. most of the recipes on here have been premade and include reviews you can read before deciding to make a given recipe. hope this helps!

food 52 recipes tagged "chinese":

tastespotting chinese recipes :
Fantastic M. January 25, 2011
No. Except maybe for these:
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