I need an easy/cheap healthy snow day meal to make to impress the boyfriend... Any suggestions?

  • Posted by: @HDM425
  • January 26, 2011


java&foam January 26, 2011
HDM425, as long as you and your boyfriend love mustard I would look no further than ina garten's mustard roasted fish.

she uses snapper but you can substitute whatever is on sale. all you have to do is dice one shallot and throw everything else in the baking dish...its that easy. the creme fraiche baked with the mustard and shallots and capers is to die for...i recommend serving it with rice to soak up the mustard sauce because once you taste it, you will NOT want to let it go to waste. its my go to recipe whenever i have company because its fast, tastes amazing and makes the house smell heavenly when it bakes.

ina garten's mustard roasted fish: http://bit.ly/wf7m
Anitalectric January 26, 2011
I have a bunch of easy and healthy recipes on my blog: www.verdantkitchen.wordpress.com. A good one for a cold day like this is Quick Kubocha Squash Cassoulet.
beyondcelery January 26, 2011
Fry onion and garlic in a skillet. Toss in fresh cut corn tortilla strips. Push to the side and cook scrabbled eggs on the other side. Toss all together with black beans. Melt cheddar on top. Serve with salsa (and avocado if you happen to have it). It tastes like summer, but can be easily made in winter.
nannydeb January 26, 2011
French Onion soup! There are many delicious recipes on food52!
Blissful B. January 26, 2011
How about this?
POTATO January 26, 2011
Beef stew is so easy, and so yummy on a cold snowy day. Make a loaf of hot buttered garlic bread to go with it -- dinner is served. Bonus is you can make it way ahead of time and let it sit on the stove top getting tastier and tastier.
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