My husband needs easy, healthy food for work

My husband works 12 hour shifts in a steel mill, no breaks, no lunchroom, limited access to microwave, no fridge.

He’s been eating mostly sandwiches, some carrots and celery, nuts and popcorn.

Any ideas of how I can prepare some meals that are hearty and healthy? He doesn’t like: mushrooms, avocado, squash or eggplant.

  • Posted by: Anne
  • September 9, 2019


B B. September 28, 2020
Try this recipe.most easy , healthy and tasty Sandwich recipe
E E. September 11, 2019
I second Phil's approach. Satisfying and lots of protein sounds like the way to go. I'd add:
1) dredge chicken pieces (I like thighs) in a combination of melted butter and Dijon mustard, then dredge in panko crumbs, then bake. This is good cold or at room temp, either whole or cut up in a bowl meal or in a salad.
2) grill chicken, make a homemade Caesar type dressing, and put both along with shredded romaine inside a crusty bread roll/mini loag
3) grill steak, let cool, slice thinly and put inside a crusty bread rollwith lots of sauteed mushrooms and some garlic viniagrette.
#s 2 and 3 can be made ahead, wrapped up tight and kept in the refrigerator under a weight, and then sliced off in servings for a couple of days.
PHIL September 11, 2019
Sounds good. Between the two of us , he has 2 weeks of meals
PHIL September 10, 2019
the Guy works in a steel mill , he needs protein
1) Prebaked sweet potato with chopped tomatoes, crunchy roasted chickpeas, parsley , some nuts, red onion, olive oil , salt pepper and smoked paprika , all he has to do is reheat for 30 seconds.
2) Thin sliced steak as sandwich or over a salad.
3) cheese plate , with salami and ham , his favorite cheeses and jams with crackers or bread ,
4) cold shrimp ( if he has a cooler) tossed with oil lemon garlic
5) tricolor bow-tie pasta salad with cubed salami or ham , mozzarella, oil & balsamic vinegar.
6) smoked salmon on an everything bagel
7) poached salmon filet over salad
8) nicoise salad
9) chef salad
10) toasted baguette with ricotta cheese and roasted sliced carrots
11) toasted bread with smashed avocado and roasted spiced chickpeas.

Emma L. September 10, 2019
+1 to Happygoin's idea of a grain salad! I really love wheat berries, which are high in protein, nutty in flavor, and chewy in texture. You could toss those with some roasted veggies, toasted nuts, crumbled hard cheese (like cheddar), and a simple oil-vinegar dressing. Also love Stephanie B's idea of a cold noodle salad, yum.
Nancy September 9, 2019
Some format suggestions...use insulated containers (Thermos or others) to carry hot stews and soups, cold smoothies, salads, fruit.
Also, for nutritional value, there are savory smoothie recipes.
Happygoin September 9, 2019
My first thought was Farro Salad with a simple olive oil, vinegar and mustard dressing. It’s healthy, filling and doesn’t need refrigeration if you curate your veggies carefully. Grated carrot, green onions, broccoli, cauliflower, fennel, celery as an example, along with walnuts, almonds, pecans or pine nuts. Crumbled blue cheese or feta would be alright without refrigeration for a few hours (I’ve eaten it on airplanes) and didn’t suffer. The possibilities are endless.

I make a big batch of Farro on Sunday night and dress it while it’s warm. It absorbs the dressing better, I’ve found. Then your lunches are half done for the week.
Anne September 9, 2019
I think this is a great idea. He loves “bowl food”. Not sure if he knows what Fargo is, but I’ll tell him it’s like rice, lol.
Anne September 9, 2019
I meant farro not Fargo, dumb spellcheck.
Stephanie B. September 9, 2019
Agree with Happygoin, and will add things like cold noodle salads (soba or rice noodles) where you can mix and match your protein and veggies. Lots of dressing possibilities too, but I like a bit of soy sauce, sesame oil, and either rice vinegar or lime juice, and maybe a touch of sweetener to balance out the tart/salty.

Grilled or roasted veggies dishes, or stews like ratatouille are good at room temperature too (leftover ratatouille and a slice of bread is going to be my lunch at work tomorrow).
Anne September 9, 2019
Great suggestions. I’m definitely going to try these!
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