Hi! In the summer i pick Norwegian kelp. I boil it and then toss it with an asian inspired dressing. I am wondering if anyone have any other recipe suggestions. Many thanks!



cdahllof January 28, 2011
java&foam thanks. I am hoping to find some creative way of incorporating the kelp in modern dishes. Like using it instead of pasta, or something like that. Thank again!
java&foam January 26, 2011
cdahllof, let me start this off by saying I have never cooked with norwegian kelp, a seaweed native to the northern atlantic ocean more commonly known as bladderwrack. it is the most common in japanese cuisine but is also present in europe and the americas...though finding out about cooking it online isn't easy.

i stumbled upon celtnet, which is an online recipe encyclopedia from the UK. what is more interesting is that it has a "guide to wild foods", which gives information on how to find, clean and prepare plants you find in the wild and it has a MASSIVE index on seaweed. bladderwrack is supposedly incredibly good for your metabolism, but should probably be avoided by people with thyroid conditions since it will make it work overtime.

on this site, you can learn more about bladderwrack's other uses (many people use it as fertilizer since it provides a wealth of nutrients to the soil and helps people produce amazing vegetable gardens) as well as recipes that use it. The recipes range from bladderwrack tea to seaweed relish to soba with shitake and fucus and even gurnard fillets steamed on a bed of wrack. needless to say, i will be saying wrack for the rest of the day because its a fun word. I hope this link helps you!

Celtnet's Wild food guide - bladderwrack : http://bit.ly/fxdTKm
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