The recipe for Lacto-fermented garlic pickles calls for Kirby cukes...can I use english or mexican cukes? I don't want to wait till summer to make these.



innoabrd January 28, 2011
So the cucs worked alright, but I think my brine was too salty. Think I need to look at a more precise ratio for salt:water and see if I can't drop it a bit. Liked the addition of the chili, but didn't feel enough of the garlic came through. I threw them in whole, thinking I'll give them a light smash next time before throwing them in.
Nora January 27, 2011
Go for it, and report back! If you're willing to call it an experiment, or playtime, and can risk the cost of the ingredients, you've got nothing to lose!
innoabrd January 27, 2011
Will let you know later today when I crack open my first jars. Kerbies just don't exist here. I get a mini cuc known here as 'Israeli' More crinkly skin than bumpy. I also did a few small jars of halved jalapenos, just to see....
zametkin January 26, 2011
Thanks. My family loves pickles..I will be cranking these out weekly!
AntoniaJames January 26, 2011
I had great success making WinnieAb's recipe using medium-sized (i.e., a bit shorter than a standard quart Mason jar) Persian cucumbers. I used garlic chives and a bit of dill. Delicious!! Have fun. ;o)
mainecook61 January 26, 2011
"Kirby" is an all-purpose descriptor for pickling cucumbers. These are smaller, with bumpy skin, and are not really in season right now, at least in the North. The thicker skin on them makes for better pickles with more crunch. Any kind of cuke will make a quick pickle, but for a pickle that's going to be put up in a jar or stored for a while in the frig, a pickling cucumber is superior. Where the name "Kirby" comes from, I have no idea; you'll never see that name in a seed catalog (same for the so-called "Red Bliss" potato, as there are as many varieties of red-skinned potatoes as there are of pickling cucumbers!).
hardlikearmour January 26, 2011
The Kirby's are small and thin skinned. I think you could get away with English cukes cut to size. Sometimes the Costco near me carries baby Persian cucumbers which might also work.
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