This really is about pickles -- pickled garlic. Made a vinegar/sugar bath, added red pepper flakes, salt, a tiny bit of herbs de Provence, cooked. Poured over -- sufficient to fully cover completely peeled garlic cloves. Sealed, put in fridge and waited three days per recipe. But now the garlic has a very definite blue tinge. What caused it? Are they edible or should I throw out and try a different recipe?



SeaJambon January 10, 2011
Thanks nutcakes - the article on why garlic turns blue was really interesting. Lots of possibilities, but they likeliest winner is that I used regular table salt rather than pickling salt -- who knew the iodine would turn my garlic blue?!
pierino January 9, 2011
You might also check out Keller's "Bouchon" cookbook for his garlic confit. It isn't really a pickle put it works quite well. Added bonus, you get this great garlic flavored oil that can be put to other uses.
nutcakes January 9, 2011
I have encountered discussion on garlic turning blue quite some years ago. Surprisingly it is harmless. Here is one authoritative comment, you can google for more:
Kayb January 9, 2011
If you can find a Smurf, you might feed it to them and see.... no, really, I don't have a clue! Anxious to see answers!
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