Adding hazlenut meal to cake recipe?

Trying to mix it up a bit, I have a bunch of figs to use in the next few days and I thought a cake would be delightful! I was hoping to add hazelnut meal to my tradition vanilla cake recipe, any suggestions?

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Nancy July 2, 2016
The flavor combinations sound goods. I can think of a few ways to incorporate the figs and hazelnut meal.
Add the hazelnut meal (in a small amount) to the batter. The oil and density will make the batter heavier, so I'd limit the amount...say 2 tablespoons or 1/8 the volume of flour, max. Then use the figs (fresh sliced or lightly poached, depending on their condition) as garnish.
Another way would be to make the vanilla cake as usual, then make the figs and hazelnut meal into a kind of thick paste to use as filling between layers, or a sauce to plate the pieces of cake.
Also, to layer more hazelnut flavor, consider adding Frangelico to the batter or the garnish.
Nancy July 2, 2016
should read: flavor combo sounds good.
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