'Vanilla Cake Recipe That Uses Shortening' Suggestions?

Does anyone have a recommended recipe for Vanilla Cake that uses shortening instead of butter or oil. I like the moisture of Vanilla Cakes that use oil but I like the texture of cakes that use butter and the creaming method. I'd like to see the results of shortening. The only recipes I've found so far are by Crisco, which I will try today. Also, has anyone taken a cake recipe that uses butter and replaced it with shortening? Thanks for the help!



Smaug October 20, 2016
Butter or oil in a cake is shortening. This fine old word has been battered almost beyond recognition, please don't finish it off.
Susan W. October 20, 2016
Here's one. Chef Google pulled up several.

Susan W. October 20, 2016
Also, there were several that use both butter and shortening. I'd be inclined to try that. Here's one.

Maedl October 20, 2016
I don't have a specific recipe, mostly because I like the flavor that butter adds and don't particularly like shortening. That said, in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s, shortening was popular because it was cheaper than butter, which was also rationed during WWII and thus in short supply. Check some cookbooks from that period for yellow cake and you should find a ton of recipes.
Nancy October 20, 2016
Remember if/when you do your own conversions that butter is only about 81% fat compared to 100% fat in vegetable shortening like Crisco. So adjust your measures accordingly.
Or use one of your vanilla cake recipes already based on oil, and replace the oil with the same amount of shortening, to see what texture change you get.
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