In honor of the GOP convention. What are some good popcorn recipes?

  • Posted by: Sam1148
  • July 18, 2016


Stephanie July 19, 2016
Just top it all with a healthy layer of cheese. ;-)
Sam1148 July 19, 2016
If you can find "True Lime" powder. I use that with some white pepper, ginger, paprika, and salt. Spray some oil on first so it sticks.
pierino July 19, 2016
Copy Michele Obama's recipe and call it your own.
sydney July 20, 2016
Thank you, thank you, thank you! The topic was raised and the joke was BEGGING to be made. :-)
pierino July 18, 2016
Shape them into a ball and dip in a hard candy mix to make jaw breakers.
sexyLAMBCHOPx July 18, 2016
I knew when I saw this question I had something to add. This link is from my Pinterest:

Franksredhot is delicious as is the nutritional yeast & cumin.
arcane54 July 18, 2016
Brewer's yeast, garlic powder, a touch of cayenne on generously buttered popcorn. I'll save my political views for a more appropriate venue ;-)

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PHIL July 18, 2016
For this convention, Plain with large side of Vodka
Susan W. July 18, 2016
My favorite is popped in pork lard or beef tallow, tossed with melted ghee and sprinkled with nutritional yeast (sounds weird, but it's better than parm on popcorn) and sea salt.

My mom pops hers in ghee and sprinkles with sea salt.
ktr July 19, 2016
Before I had to give up popcorn, this was one of my favorite ways to make it.
BerryBaby July 18, 2016
I like plain, but there are so many variations you can make with different salts (onion, garlic) or chili powder, herbs, Lawry's seasoning, I think there may be one using powdered salad dressing (ranch).
Nancy July 18, 2016
Oh, Sam, you devil!
Choose one for dominant shade of opinion at convention-watching party. Or have a buffet, if you have friends across the spectrum who will be attending and still talk to each other.
1) Hopeful, patriotic, no matter which party:
Various red-white-blue versions, most often in 4th of July picnic features. For example,
others suggest garnishes with white chocolate, red & blue M&Ms etc
2) Mournful, again no matter which party:
3) Interested, undecided and/or just watching the spectacle. Your favorite WITHOUT red-white-blue or black.
your favorite, with butter, caramel, ranch, Parmesan, truffle, etc.
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