How do I make cheese popcorn. Making the popcorn is not a problem.

  • Posted by: jsdunbar
  • February 26, 2012


Anitalectric February 27, 2012
I use nutritional yeast. All the cheesy flavor and no dairy. Win-win!

For bonus add salt and other spices.
ATG117 February 27, 2012
There's also a spicy parmesan and truffle popcorn that was a community pick on this site
ATG117 February 27, 2012
I would grate some good parmesan. When the popcorn is popped, toss it in a bit of melted butter or oil, then add the parmesan, some salt and pepper. I think this will be much tastier than anything that comes in a packet, though I admittedly have a fear of powdered, canned or velveetaesque cheese products.

Here are two recipes if you like a more exact science:
jmburns February 26, 2012
There was a cheese powder made byCabot. It was a white cheddar. I am sure it is still available.
KimW February 26, 2012
In my grocery store it is right near the popcorn!
susan G. February 26, 2012
You can expect to find lots of additives if you find the sprinkle-on cheese powders. What you can find in health food stores that people buy for its 'cheesy' flavors is nutritional yeast flakes, made by Red Star.
Sam1148 February 26, 2012
well, putting fresh cheese on popcorn could be a mess.

Dried Parmesan cheese would be good, if you have that on hand.
But if you have some cheese packets from Kraft mac and cheese..that's a good one. Tho it does have some milk solids powdered in the mix.

Go to a healthfood store that sells spices and such and bulk. Some sell 'cheese powder'. A bit of garlic powder, makes a nice a popcorn.

Personally, My favorite popcorn is salt, lime zest, Dry the zest..and grind it in a coffee grinder with salt,
Add powdered ginger, paprika, white pepper, cumin..and a bit of cyan pepper. So it's "ginger/lime/hot/garlic" as the flavors.

PS, it came in a small spice jar, and was sold with other spices such as chili powder.
I haven't made this in a long time, but years ago they used to sell a cheese flavored powder that you spinkeled on. Not sure if this is still around or not.
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