Looking to buy a fluted tart pan. Most are non-stick. I read ead that non-stick tart pans will cause the crust to slip. Is this true?

  • Posted by: Kaite
  • July 27, 2016


Shuna L. July 29, 2016
Look at Westaurant.com for great quality flouted tart pans. they should be heavy for their size. always wash and dry in your on or off oven for continued life of this object. even the smallest amount of water will make them rust!
Victoria H. July 29, 2016
I always avoid non-stick tart pans because, as noted, it's not needed with a buttery pastry and no matter how well I take care of them, they'll never last as long as the traditional kind. I feel like I would be buying something disposable.
Smaug July 28, 2016
Didn't even know they made nonstick. Fact is, sticking isn't much of a problem with most baked goods(cakes being the big exception)- things like pie/tart pastries, puff pastry, Danish pastry, most types of cookies have no reason to stick. Breads may seem to be sticking at first, but for the most part the dough adheres to itself much more than to the pan, and pulls away once it starts to cook.
Susan W. July 27, 2016
I agree with CV. I've never owned a non-stick tart pan, but I see no reason for it. In the past, I've made at least 1,000 tarts and not once did I wish for non-stick. I did sometimes struggle with a shortbread crust in mini tart pans, but only in cleanup, not presentation.
Kaite July 27, 2016
Thanks for helping!
702551 July 27, 2016
My beef with non-stick tart pans isn't the adhesion/slippage. It's the fact that the darker color of the metal tends to promote unwanted colorization/browning.

Most of the tart doughs that I've used have plenty of butter to ensure they don't stick. Plus, fluted tart pans usually have removable disc bottoms, not much difficulty in unmolding them.

There is a place for nonstick bakeware, but I simply don't see it in tart pans.

Just my opinion.
Kaite July 27, 2016
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