Trying to find the name and recipe of an Indian chicken "sausage" (no casing) type dish?

I tasted some at a party and the flavors were amazing. It looked like it was a ground meat mixture, formed into long strips, baked and then cut on the diagonal into bite-size pieces? I am pretty sure it was an Indian dish. Thank you for any assistance in figuring out what this was. It was spicy, herbal, gingery and delicious.



Sadassa_Ulna August 14, 2016
Thank you everyone!
Nancy August 14, 2016
Agree with Jeinde.
Just in case you get tired of the Indian ones, or want to spread your taste experiments, there are kofta (many spellings) in Turkish, Greek, Balkan, north African and Pakistani cuisines.
Not sure, but I think the dish started out Turkish and moved to south Asia with Moghal (again, many spellings) invasions.
jeinde August 14, 2016
They are kofta: Indian meatballs. This site has quite a few recipes for them. I would go for the lamb one.
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