Help!! I need to cook a beef roast dinner for 10 but can't afford prime rib or tenderloin.. What is the next best cut for a beefy flavor tender roast

  • Posted by: PJ
  • October 3, 2016


LisaD October 6, 2016
Eye of round is lovely; as others have said, it is very lean. So it needs to be rare or at most medium rare. I make it in a slow (325) oven or sometimes over the grill on indirect. Slice thin, and maybe make an au jus with the drippings. Serve with horseradish sauce and maybe a chutney or chimichurra. (Recipes easily available online. Leftovers make awesome sandwiches! (If any.)
David G. October 11, 2016
London broil aka leather LoL,..sorry couldn't help myself with that. Ok seriously though,..only way to eat London broil is either slice thin strips for like a Chinese stir fry beef & broccoli. Or slow cooker, pressure cooker braise the heck out of it
caninechef October 4, 2016
Eye of round is what came to my mind also. We ate a lot of cross rib roast growing up, great flavor but probably not as neat a presentation as the eye roast. For either of these cuts you need to serve it sliced thinly and not go for the slab of meat look popular with prime rib.

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MMH October 4, 2016
Cooks illustrated recommends the eye of round roast. I've used their cooking method for it. It comes out a beautiful medium rare. It's lean & beefy.
MMH October 4, 2016
I forgot to mention that it rewards beautifully in hot beef stock. Just bring the stock to a simmer & heat thin slices briefly in it. You won't lose the medium rare & it makes a great French Dip!
aargersi October 4, 2016
Could you modify the method to a pot-roast style? A low and slow braise would open up a world of cuts to yoou that would be tender after a few hours - beef cheeks come to mind, they are meaty and delicious and inexpensive, but also short ribs or any of the less tender cuts would work
PHIL October 4, 2016
You should check for a sale. Usually you can get the whole filet mignon fairly cheap. It is a meat they seem to always have on sale. I have seen it for $8-9 lb.
Susan W. October 3, 2016
One of my favorites is top round (aka London Broil). Beefy and tender.
scruz October 3, 2016
get a thick cut piece of sirloin and roast it at 250 degrees. it has that big beefy flavor. not as tender but great flavor and looks wonderful. also, talk with your butcher or go to a store with a butcher and pick their brain.
Amanda T. October 3, 2016
Rump roast.
PJ October 3, 2016
Thx for the quick response!! I've done rump roast before but was hoping to find something more rib roasty like..
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