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Is there a splatter guard for oven use?

I love Judy's oven fried chicken, but my oven gets to be a mess! There are so many crispy skin chicken recipes that use very high heat, I'd love to find one.

asked by Sammy 4 months ago
4 answers 348 views
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added 4 months ago

This guard is good to 450 F. At Sur La Table

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added 4 months ago

I should have asked if anyone knew of a high domed splatter shield. The silicone flat one steams the chicken defeating the purpose of achieving crispy skin. But thank you.

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pierino is a trusted source on General Cooking and Tough Love.

added 4 months ago

AllClad makes a flat mesh one that's all metal if that's your concern.

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added 4 months ago

I need a high domed splatter guard. Thank you for your reply.

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