what can i serve to accompany stuffed cabbage rolls

serving dinner for friends sunday night and have made a good sized pot of stuffed cabage rolls. i think there should be something else on the plate. can i have some suggestions

  • Posted by: alienor
  • October 8, 2016


Pat September 3, 2017
Shredded cabbage and sauerkraut surrounding the cabbage rolls as they cook. Roasted red potatoes with Lipton Secrets onion soup mix, a nice salad, and warm bread and butter.
MMH October 9, 2016
cranberry October 9, 2016
We do boiled potatoes and/or rye bread, usually plain, to dab up the sauce. Sometimes we use a dollop of sour cream.

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scruz October 8, 2016
if your sauce is good, serve over mashed potatoes.
Trena H. October 8, 2016
Warm crusty bread and butter would be delicious.
Nancy October 8, 2016
1) a couple (traditional) ideas - tomato sauce & wide egg noodles, garnished with poppy seeds
2) if rice not already in the stuffing, make some good rice as a side dish
3) a wild mushroom sauce
BerryBaby October 8, 2016
For a side dish with cabbage rolls I make small red potatoes with butter and parsley. That way everyone can take as many or few as they want and it is a nice compliment to the cabbage rolls.
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