Stuffed Cabbage refrigerated uncooked

I was in the middle of making stuffed cabbage and had a family emergency and had to finish up rolling my cabbage rolls with my raw ground beef mixture and in a hurry put in refrigerator and rush to an emergency will my cabbage rolls be still good and able to be cooked next day or will the raw meat contaminate since not cooked or froze .

  • Posted by: Nitro
  • February 5, 2023


Nancy February 5, 2023
Nitro - first, I hope your emergency was or soon will be resolved for the good.
Second, yes raw ground beef is ok in the fridge for 1 to 2 days.
(For safety, fridge internal temp should be 40f or equivalent Celsius (about 4 degrees. A fridge thermometer is as important in food prep as an oven thermometer.)
Nitro February 5, 2023
Nancy, Thank you for your kind words as to the emergency it was attended to promptly and seems everything will be just fine thank goodness, unfortunately when you have aging parents that are becoming feeble and start having falls you have these dreaded emergencies.
As to my question thank you for your help so promptly as to the handling of raw meat and vegetables together, I was afraid with it not being frozen it may not be safe . Your thoughtfulness is so appreciated Yay a delicious Sunday dinner will be served soon ☺️
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