Red Kuri Squash has greenish-bluish color on interior seed area

Red Kuri Squash from the greenmarket has greenish-bluish color inside on the WEB PART of the SEED area.
It does not smell and seeds are not slimy, but I have been storing the squash on the counter top about a week. The color is a little off putting (like blue cheese mold color)... Is this mold or is this normal? (google said greenish on FLESH area??) Should I have stored it in the refrigerator? thanks!!

Renee Denise


Trena H. October 21, 2016
A green tint under the seeds is perfectly normal for that variety of squash.
Renee D. October 21, 2016
Thanks Trena! I'm assuming you've seen what I'm describing around the seeds. I'll go ahead and cook with it :)
Renee D. October 21, 2016
Also, the squash was warm inside (stored on counter) when I cut it open
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