Loc Maria Crepe Cookies - style cookies : copy cat recipes anywhere?

Costco is selling one of my fav holiday cookies - those Loc Maria crepe cookies, that are really delicate and crunchy, covered in chocolate. Have always wondered if there's a recipe for something similar to them that I can try out for the holiday season. I'm sure its a hard recipe to manufacture at home, but I'm so curious. Maybe make really thin crepes, quickly roll them up, and dry them out more in an oven, and then dip them in chocolate? No idea!

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  • November 15, 2016
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1 Comment

E November 15, 2016
I found a partial answer! From David Lebovitz, they're crepes dentelles -http://www.davidlebovitz.com/crepes-dentelles/

Within the article, he states the process of making them "The process is pretty interesting: the batter is spread on a flat griddle and when it’s cooked to just the right temperature and consistency, it’s rolled around a knife (or another long object), then cooled until crisp."

I think my curiosity has been satisfied... I'm just going to continue buying them for now. If anyone attempts to make these at home, please share how it goes!
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